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yaaaay... why am i still  here?

I still like art and all, but why cant my art teacher just leave me alone when i throw my art around? i mean there all worthless shit and all, so really why? I only love my creations for just a few seconds and then i start to despise it. Argh, really i should punch / kick someone for no reason.... AGAIN~!

anyways this year i promised to myself to celebrate my friends bdays a bit better this year, so i made my henchmen buy ice cream on jackies b day, and then i made muffins on ksenias bday and tommorrow i got movie for jane to watch ( DRAGON and ELF lover... hahahahahahahah)

hmmm i guess i should make a muffin for isaac too, im jealous of him so much that HIS b-day is just beside HALLOWEEN!!!! so yeah... he's a bit special.... i wanna switch b-days now......

anyways guys HAPPY HALLOWEEN

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Quirino Grandstand .....

I just cant beleive it... aug 23 of 2010... an ex-officer killed tourists that were just having fun in the country

i dont know.... im  shocked really....

this will definetly hurt phillipines...

i researched some new news and i saw torture case, another hostage from 2007, murder of foreigners...

If you ask me , i'll still go to the country, its not all bad...

theres so many people that would say we are all like mendoza ( the man responsible for the hostage), i wont say anything back... theres not much point talking back to them anyways...

im... im just blank... i just hope the country can handle all the negative comments ... and also to deal with other problems there facing...
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Well so far Im friendless again, I wonder what new friends i'll meet when im grade 12. After grade 12 i'll have nothing again, simple and repetitive: just like how it was since kindergarten. I learned how to deal with it before, i guess its different now that you know how important they are. Still I guess with my "Special Repel Ability" i still gained friends, even if they were temporary, but I just cope with games now so nothing to worry.

PS: wow reading back... it sounds like I need childish attetion... aww screw myself o.o;

anywayz since no one actually reads my blogs Im just gonna show you some works ive done in ace it.

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Enjoy~ whoever actually reads my blog >.>;;;'

PS: uhmm... Anyone wanna bother me how to use the LJ cut thing...?
chibi sebastian in cow suit

Beware of me... I REFRESHED!

After my experience on ACE-IT program, I really beleive that I actually improved so much! I gained a little confidence (confidence is on average - lol persona status joke hee hee-) anyways I deleted my past posts since they were just full on nonsense ( well most of them hee hee) I'm still a type of person who's quite sadistic and have TERRIBLE random mood swings and still creep so many people away from me but oh well that's life, its a part of me so i'll just try to deal with it